Life Is Not an Excuse

“You can only give to others what you have in yourself.” I love that quote for one simple reason; it opens doors you’re meant to walk through and closes doors that you should avoid. That quote is descriptive of what self-awareness is.

Since I was a kid, I realized really quickly that I had an insane ability to connect with people. I honestly just love people, I receive great energy from those around me, and equally give it back with my own energy. Whether it’s making people laugh, inspiring people, getting people motivated…it all comes back to being around people, connecting on a deeper level, and generating a positive result.

Knowing this ability now has prompted me to do something good with it. That’s why I enjoy writing to you articles like this because I’m able to show you my world, my thinking, and hopefully having you resonate with my story. I believe that the key to life is understanding your purpose, hopefully sooner than later. One of the things that comes up a lot when I talk to people older than me is regret and how doing the things you want (and are passionate about) early on is a catalyst for a happier life in the future.

The worst thing you can do is live in excuse. “I can’t lose weight because I don’t have money for a gym membership”, “I can’t study because I don’t have time”, “I can’t learn a new language because it’s too hard”. We are all at fault when it comes to excuses, including myself. So being aware that this happens and working on mentally stopping yourself when excuses come up is a good solution.

The CEO of Netflix didn’t look at his situation and say, I can’t build the largest online video streaming website because Blockbuster exists. He saw an opportunity where others saw challenges/hurdles/competition.

If you decide to constantly live in excuses, by default, you’ve accepted that your life is an excuse in and of itself. Why can’t you do the things you have in mind? I urge you to look in the mirror once in a while and ask yourself if you’re living up to the standards you dream of. If not, don’t give an excuse, just find a way to make small changes that eventually lead to bigger results.

Don’t wait for the perfect time, perfect opportunity, perfect situation…perfect doesn’t exist. Life can never be perfect because perfection is a subjective and never-ending pursuit of desire that has no defined limit/benchmark. Instead of making yourself feel shitty, reduce excuses one day at a time. Say today I’m going to eat ONE healthier meal, I’m going to go for a small run around the neighborhood….just be practical and find a way to fit your goals into your daily life.

I can go on and on about this…but I think you get the point. Hope this helped.